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Graphic Design




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I'm KEBarker! I have Michigan roots but transplanted to the beautiful Pacific North West 10 years ago. Out here, I've found the inspiration to live the kind of life I need to thrive: extra play time in forests, covering my clothes in paint and pencil, deep breaths on mountain tops, and exploring ~The Strange~ that is Portland. 

What inspires you? 

Your family?

Your job? 

Your hobbies?

Let KEB Studios help you share your inspirations with the world.

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Dessa, Kayden, Jonah Portrait

Custom, Hand-Drawn Pencil Creations

Your own photos, re-created as a unique piece of art. 

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Graphic Design

Take your business to the next level with simple and effective designs


I work with small businesses to create logos, business cards, book designs, advertisements, and more

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With a Bachelor's in Photography and years of experience,

I am happy to offer a variety of services for you, your family, or your small business. I offer affordable photography sessions, and expert photo-editing skills. No project is too small or large. 

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